Craig Titus

Davor Jordanovski
January 31, 2017
Carol McCartney
January 31, 2017

Piano | Keyboards | Guitars | Percussion | Backing Vocals

A native of Toronto Canada, Craig is an accomplished musician, film & television composer, music editor, producer, programmer and entertainment industry educator with over 30 years of experience. In addition to his extraordinary abilities as a mutli-instrumentalist he is a sought after composer and music editor with over twenty years’ experience in the film and television industry. Craig has worked on numerous award-winning projects for clients including CBC, BBC, TVa, MTV, Discovery, Endemol, Buena Vista, YTV, PBS, Resolution, Disney, Twenty-Twenty, CBS, Paramount and Alliance Atlantis. Some of his many credits include Regeneration, Mythic Warriors, Mysterious Island, Striking Poses, Knock Off, The Cellar, Street Noise, She Pays the Rent, Tiger Claws, Silent Movie, The Undertaker’s Wedding, Crisis, Operation Golden Phoenix, Talons of the Eagle and TC 2000. As both a live and studio musician his talents have taken him from live theater in productions to orchestral, pop, rock and jazz performances with a variety of award winning artists. Craig is the Co-Producer and Artistic Director of Two Rooms Live and the co-owner of Group Entertainment.