Davor Jordanovski

Wendy Irvine
February 2, 2017
Craig Titus
January 31, 2017

Piano | Keyboards | Guitar | Bass | Harp | Accordion | Backing Vocals

While still a student at the University of Music Arts (Saints Kiril & Metodij University, Skopje) in his native Macedonia, Davor was already the featured keyboard player with Macedonian National TV’s Big Band Orchestra, composing, arranging, and producing for some of the biggest and best known musical acts in the country. Davor’s beginnings were traditional: classical music, and later pop and jazz; until he broadened his experience and branched out into film, mood, jazz fusion, ambient, dance, groove, symphonic, contemporary jazz and R&B. In his 25 year-long career, Davor can safely say “he has done it all.” His performance and production credits include: Shania Twain, MTV Top 5 – World Chart Express’ single titled Red Rain – performed by Dani. Grand Prix (Best Song) at: Inter-Fest 1995, Inter-Fest 1996, Mak-Fest 1999, Mak-Fest 2001, Mak-Fest 2007 and Best Composition at: Inter-Fest 1995, Inter-Fest 1996 and Mak-Fest 2001. Best Arranger at: Mak-Fest 1996, Mak-Fest 1999, Mak-Fest 2006. Hit singles including tracks Bah, ba-ra and Roadless Journey from Roadless Journey on radio in Europe. He has also recently worked as a composer/arranger/producer for Sony/BMG, Sound Ideas, Westar Music, MDScoring, Soundscape Productions and BLE Publishing. His music can be heard on many radio and TV shows featured on CBC, MTV, TVO, OMNI TV and MRTV, Naked News TV.  Davor is the owner of Big Bang Recording Studios, Davorious Productions, the co-founder of MDScoring Publishing and MDR Music, Davor is also the Co-Producer and Artistic Director of Two Rooms Live and the co-owner of Group Entertainment.